Court Navigation

What is Court Navigation?

If you have a case, or want to open a case, but you don't have a Lawyer, you still have to comply with court rules and procedures.  A Court Navigator can help you get through your court day looking like a pro. 

Court Navigation Services

Our experienced Court Navigators are there with you in the courtroom, to help you understand in real time what is happening.  In the moments after your hearing, your Court Navigator can tell you what the court ordered and what your next options are.  

*We are not Attorneys and cannot represent you in court, nor can we offer legal advice.

An Afforable Alternative

For as little as $45.00 per hour, Open Justice can be there with you in court.  We proudly serve the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Foltz Criminal Justice Center, Edelman Children's Court, Central Civil West, Pasadena, Alhambra and Metropolitan.

To use our Court Navigation services, you must not have any representation, appointed or retained.

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